Rest/Open Gym

Sunday February 3, 2013Day 27 of Paleo Challenge


Open Gym 9-11

Games Prep Meeting 9 am This meeting will be to gather and discuss supplemental workouts which will help to prepare you for the Open.  We want to discuss possible 2 a days and getting more Met Con.  We want to continue with the strength protocol while getting your metabolic conditioning back up.  This will probably come as a relief to some of you who like getting you Met Con on.

Speaking of the Games, whether you think you are competitive or not, please sign up for the Open.  It is a great measure of your ability with almost every other CrossFitter on the planet.  As adults we don't have many events we can compete in; local runs, Tough Mudder, triathlons, and this is no exception.  It's another event to register for, compete in and have fun doing.  And it's a lot cheaper then all those other events, $20.

I want to thank everyone for a great turnout for the Crosstown Classic event with Dog House yesterday, 40 of you showed up and kicked some serious butt.  I also want to commend you all on some amazing numbers and great results.  I heard from many of you there were PR's, some huge increases.  You are a great group, a great community and great athletes.  Well Done!

Remember we will begin Evening Open Gym this Wednesday, 6 pm to 8 pm.  This may evolve to a regularly scheduled WOD on Wednesdays but for now we are opening up starting next Wednesday Feb 6th.  I know you evening folks have been missing out and we now think it is time to allow you some free time too.  However, On-Ramp is still in the box Wednesday evenings.  They get priority on equipment and space.  Please be conscientious to their needs.  Thanks

We will have a Paleo Potluck in honor of the halfway point of the Paleo Challenge this coming Saturday Feb 9th after the WOD.  We will post a sign up sheet so you can post the dish you plan to bring so we don’t have redundancy.  Please plan on attending and sharing the dish that you are most pleased with so far.  Everyone in the Challenge is looking very good, I am so impressed by the progress.  The CFB Paleo Page on Facebook buzzes everyday and we have seen and tried some pretty tasty recipes.  I hope all of you in the Challenge consider maintaining this lifestyle.  I' not saying be hardcore Paleo, but if you are feeling good, you're feeling strong in the WODs then think that this is directly related to how you fuel your body.

Thanks again to all of you for making CFB what it is. A strong vibrant community of great people and great athletes.