Team Saturday

[youtube] As we discuss control of our body while we work more and more on our Olympic lifting techniques and how important it is to be in control of our bodies so we can control the bar please spend 5 minutes watching this masterful display of body control.

Best of Luck this weekend to Dave Maroney, Julie Gustis and Mary Nugent as they attend their Crossfit Level 1 certification.

Saturday December 15, 2012

Team WOD

Teams of 4 2000 m row 100 Pull Ups 200 Deadlifts 185/135 1 bar per team.  Strip weight accordingly 100 Bar Facing Burpees 200 Wall Balls 20/14

Each movement must be completed before moving to the next and must be done in the order posted.


Tabata Flutter Kicks 8 rounds :20 work/:10 rest

Warm Up:

400 m run Walking Lunges, step to Garage and back 12 K2E 12 HRPU 12 OHS with empty Bar DROM

Raegan, Katie, Sonntag, Brennan L 32:28 Patty, Steve, Jack W, John Mc 30:53 Mary B, Grande, Alex Mc, Luke 33:18 Lindsey, Intern, Fetz, Dan 32:35