Team Saturday

Saturday November 17, 2012


20 min AMRAP Teams of 3 T2B Kettle Bell Snatch 35/25/18 Run 200 m w/ Kettle bell 53/35/25

While 1 team member runs with Kettle Bell each other team member will do work with snatch or t2b.  When runner returns team members rotate (runner> t2b,  t2b>snatch,  snatch>run.)  Continually count reps of both snatch and t2b for a final tally at the end of the 20 minutes.  Score will be grand total of all reps of t2b and kb snatches.


Dead Bug Tabata 8 rounds :20 work/:10 rest.

Warm Up:

400 m run Broad Jump burpees step>garage door>step 10 Pull Ups 10 HRPU 10 Abmat Sit Ups 10 Pry Squats DROM

Shane/Julie/Alex 485 Sonntag/Beth/Fetz 458 Brennan/MK/Luke 518 Vince/Mary Kate/Intern 533