Team WOD at 10 Open Gym 8-10

Saturday September 22, 2012


Teams of  2 (1 Guy 1 Girl per team)

For Time

400 m team shoulder barbell carry loaded with 135#. 200 Box Jump Overs 20/20/20 step Up okay) 200 HRPU 400 m team shoulder barbell carry loaded with 135#.

Team will carry 1 (one) barbell 400 meters on their shoulders long ways so each team member is supporting the bar on a shoulder.  You must run as a team and both team members must support the barbell.

Each movement must be done in order.  There is no moving on to next movement until all reps are complete.  Time is up when team returns from final run.


Team selection Station set up Strategy

Warm Up:

Overhead Walking Lunges 25/15/10 Step>Garage Door>Step Inch Worms Step>Garage Door Broad Jumps Garage Door>Step 10 Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 10 Squat Tuck Jumps DROM

Olga/Luke 26:30 Brennan/Alex 27:15 Raegan/Dave 25:18 Steve/Mike Kelly 24:27 Bridget/Dennis 29:02 MC/Jay 29:18

11:00 am Baseline

Shawn 7:14 Amy 12:30