CrossFit CrossTown WOD/Softball WOD

Saturday August 18. 2012

T0 be completed at CrossFit e-town...WOD begins at 10:30 am

Please join us!!! We will be leaving CFB at 9 am.   Let's be ambassadors for the larger CrossFit community in Chicago.  Show your Southside support and CFB community spirit.


To be completed in teams of 4 (2 men and 2 women)

400m Team Run

160 Partner Deadlifts (275/185)

160 Partner Slamballs (30/20)- 80 per partner group

200m Buddy Carry

160 KB Swings (24/16kg)

160 Plate Thrusters (45/35)

200m Buddy Carry

160 Partner Wallball Passes (20/14)

160 Team Partner Squat

400m Team Run

Note:  All teammates must go on the 400m runs.  Your team cannot start the deadlifts until all teammates have returned and your team’s time does not stop until the last teammate completes the last run.  Deadlifts reps will be split in half.  Men must complete 80 and women must complete 80.  All other reps may be divided in any manner but each team member must complete at least 1 rep at each station.  The team partner squat will consist of 2 teammates squatting 1 teammate.  Each teammate must take a turn squatting and each person must be squated.  Each teammate must attempt to carry someone on the team during the buddy carry.

Snarfing Snuffleupagus’ (Devin, Jenni, Candace, Mike) 46:22RX

Munching Medusas (Tulip, John, Beth, Katie Mac) 44:48

Feasting Pheonix’ (Jose, Nichelle, Gina, Brennan) 49:34 RX

Masticating Menotars (Patty, Benjamin, Freddy, Mary) 52:20 RX

Gourging Griffins’ (Tom/Capt’n, Steve, K-dogg, Maria) 44:48