Open Gym

Sunday July 29, 2012

Open Gym

Come in today and work on a missed WOD.  If you are doing the Paleo Challenge come in to get measured from 11-1 and do your max reps pull ups and 1 mile run.  We will be in at 10 to allow you to warm up and prep.

We had an amazing WOD at Alsip pool yesterday.  Great job and hard work by all 5 teams.  Special thanks to Claudia Kovach for reserving the pool for us.  We will definitely need to make this an annual event.

Next Saturday we are an official site for the 31 Heroes Project.  Read about it here and seriously consider being with us to honor the fallen of this worthy cause.

Thursday begins our Paleo Challenge, 5 days away.  We have copies of a 30 day grocery list and we have listed many websites to follow and get recipes from.  This may seem difficult, but the selection of foods and recipes can make this an easy transition that you just may adopt even after this is over.  You all make me so proud from day to day with the hard work you give on every WOD.  I am sure you will give this challenge the same intensity.  Good luck to everyone participating.