Team WOD

Saturday July 21, 2012

Team WOD

Teams of 3

75m walking lunges w/ plate (45/25/10) 2,000# Deadlift (1 Barbell per team) 200 burpees (no less than 60 per member) 75m walking lunge w/ plate

Start and finish, AS A TEAM, with the 75 m weighted lunges (telephone pole south of building to first pole north of building) Work CAN NOT begin on deadlifts until all team members are in from lunging. Only 1 bar per team on deadlifts. So, with a mixed gender team they need to decide if the guys do more reps light, the girl does more reps at a comfortable weight, or the guys go heavy with less reps and peels off bumpers for the girl team member. Decisions, decisions. The Burpees CAN be done simultaneously with the deadlifts. Complete the WOD as a team with weighted walking lunges and running back in the garage door.

Warm Up

3 Rounds 10 kip pull ups 7 A frame/HSPU scale to ablility 10 Sec Hollow Rocks 15 jumping squats DROM Foam Roller


Team selection, strategy, weight selection.


9:00 am

Bridget/Dennis 26:45 Deadlift 95/185

Chris G/Wendy 19:00 Deadlift 255/115

10:00 am

Estrella/Joe/Dan 21:30

Fetz/Mike K/Jen/Ethan 16:51 ( 16,000 #, 240 burpees)

11:00 Baseline

Chris 7:50

Carla 7:30

Keith 7:24

Nina 7:11