Open Gym

CrossFit Beverly Open Gym

Sunday July 8, 2012

Open Gym

Come on in for a couple of hours to get some work done.  Work on one of the benchmark WOD's  you may have missed.  Come on in for some mobility and band work.  Spend a few on the foam roller. Work on muscle ups or kipping pull ups.  Use it as a strength day or skill day.  The options are endless.

Reminder/ News and Notes:

Starting tomorrow Monday July 9 until Friday July 27 the 9 am class will be dedicated to On-Ramp.  There will be no daily WOD at 9 am.  Please attend the 6:30am  or 10am during this time.  Thanks for your understanding.

Congratulations to Tracy and Mike Haraf on finishing the Muncie 70.3 yesterday.  Although the course was shortened due to extreme heat, it had to be hard to work in those conditions.  Great job, now you can deal with the excessive heat in the box with us.

Swim team WOD Saturday, July 28th  from 10-12 at Alsip pool.  121st and Kostner.  Bring the family to play after the WOD.

Great job to everyone who PR'd this weeks Girls WODs.  It was exciting for me to see all the great numbers and hard work done by all of you, especially in the crazy heat.  I am so proud of all of you.

Saturday Team WOD

MaryB/Fran 30:02


Candice 3:46 65#

Tracy 3:08 65#


Mike H 3:25 Rx