Team Saturday

Saturday June 9, 2012

17 min AMRAP

Teams of 3

Farmer Carries  with Kettlebells 53x2/35x2

Wallballs 20/14

Push Press 95/65

Score = How many rounds of Farmer Carries completed

Rest 3 minutes then

7 min AMRAP max distance Row.  Alternate teammates as needed, ALL TEAMMATES MUST ROW AT LEAST 1 MINUTE.

Warm Up:

Run to RR Tracks and back on 106th

9 Ball Slams


15 Kettle Bell Swings

18 Wall Facing Squats

Shoulder MOB



Team Selection, Course outline, instruction, weight selection.


Claudia K, Jill, Steve/24 Rounds& 1682 m Row=1706

Morgan, MK,Chris G/25 Rounds 1646 m Row=1671

Olga, Shane, Jay/26 Rounds 1731 m Row=1757


Estrella, Vince, Dan/19 Rounds 1528 Row=1647

Lynne, Mike L, Tom/21 Rounds 1873 m Row=1894

Diane, Terese, Fetz/23 Rounds 1681 m Row=1704

11:00 Free WOD "Baseline"

Sez 7:36

Jennifer 7:57

Paul 7:48

Nat 7:20

Marty 8:16

Chris W 7:25

Whitney 8:15