Memorial Day Hero WOD

Monday May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Hero WOD: Ridge Park Tennis Courts 9625 South Longwood Drive Chicago, IL  60643

For Time:

5k run

then 4 Rounds

20 Kettle Bell Swings (Russian) 53/35

Broad Jump Burpees across tennis courts to jump rope

40 Double Unders/ 120 Singles

Broad Jump Burpees across tennis courts back to kettle bell.

After completing the 5k run, go to 96th street and come down the hill to the Ridge Park tennis courts.  Come into the tennis courts, check in with one of us so we can start your time and get you to a station where you can begin doing the kettle bells.  We are doing Russian today, so only raise the bell to your eyes.

Reminder:  We will not be running any classes at the box today!  If you want to get a WOD in, come to the tennis courts at Ridge Park.  You don't need to run the 5k to participate, but this will be the  only WOD we run today.

10K + WOD

Brittany 1:01:37/12:19

Alex 1:01:38/10:06


Fetz 30:17/10:30

Shane 25:14/10:53

John Mc 30:18/11:14

Olga 31:03/13:06

Mike L 36:42/16:42

Jim S 26:19/10:32

Bonk 20:42/8:56

Candice 39:21/16:57

Claudia 46:09/13:36

Sue 34:20/13:32

WOD Only

Kris 19:00

Maria 15:01