Team Murph Re-Cap

Wow!  What a morning.  For a holiday weekend where people escape to their beach houses we had an amazing turnout for our version of Murph Day.  Attitudes and spirits were high and the camaraderie was amazing.

What a great group, all of which worked so hard to honor what this weekend really means.  To memorialize those who currently serve, who have served, and who died for our country to allow us to maintain our freedom and liberty.  It may seem trite to lionize a workout, but when you see athletes push themselves so hard, to suffer and not give up, we must recognize the challenge that bears.  In a safe place where at any time we can just quit, these people worked well beyond their comfort because they know that in a veteran cemetery a child is placing flowers on his fathers grave, that overseas and military outposts everywhere soldiers are keeping watch on our behalf, that we should always acknowledge that no soldier ever served or died in vain.  So while you enjoy this long weekend eating your burgers and brats and throwing back a few frostys, remember why you get to stay home Monday.   Thank you to all our veterans whom are serving and have served on our behalf.  Know that we are grateful for your service.

Extra kudos go out to Big Bill for doing the WOD in a 20# Vest.  As if this WOD isn't hard enough, Bill threw on a vest to assure the workout was even harder.  Just a small token to show his support to all our soldiers.  Bill, we are very proud of you, great work today!

9:00 am

Claudia K/Fetz 35:43

Shane/Mark F 41:42

10:00 am

Jay/Vince 31:45

Sue/Bill 20# Vest 47:47

Mary/Jim 41:05

Brit/Alex 12# Vest 34:46

Tracy/Mike H 20# Vest 30:24