35th Annual Ridge Run/Memorial Day Hero WOD







CrossFit Beverly will be closed Memorial Day Monday May 28th as we will be doing a Hero WOD at the Ridge park tennis courts immediately following athlete's 5k run.  Please consider joining us for the 35th Annual Ridge Run and signing up for the 5k portion.  As sponsors of this years event, BAPA has been so kind to allow us to use the tennis courts for the WOD.  We look forward to this becoming an annual event as we believe in this neighborhood and want to support it as much as you all support CrossFit Beverly.  After your run, come down 96th Street and come into the tennis courts to complete your WOD.  This is open to everyone so get yourself a running buddy and invite your friends to get a taste of CrossFit.  We will add your WOD time to your 5k finish for a total time.  Register here https://www.signmeup.com/site/online-event-registration/80021 The Ridge Run is always a great event.  A wonderful way to start your Memorial Day by running through this great neighborhood which absolutely comes alive for this race.  Follow it with our  WOD and no guilt going to bbq's and drinking beer the rest of the day.  We look forward to seeing you there.