OHL and Jerks

Saturday April 21, 2012

8 min AMRAP

Team WOD

50 m Relay Overhead Walking Lunges 25/10

Push Jerks 115/75

While one partner lunges The other does max reps Push Jerks.  Partners rotate once 50 m is completed.  Second partner picks up counting total Push Jerks and continue rotation and counting Push Jerks until time expires.  Score is total Push Jerks combined.


3 minutes Max Calories on rower.  Score equals team's total calories.

Warm Up:

800 m Run

Inch Worm Push Ups up/down track

Spealler Warm Up



3 min Double Unders

9:00 am

Tracy/Maria 149 45#PJ/10# Lunges

Dave/Mike H 215 95#PJ/25# Lunges

Ivan/Vince 187 95#PJ/25# Lunges

Nora/Jill 177 35#PJs/10# Lunges

10:00 am

Shane/Jim 225 95#PJ/25# Lunges

Olga/John Mc 188 95-60#PJ/25-10# Lunges