Open Gym, Strength, 12.5 Make-up

Sunday March 25, 2012

Open Gym

Today we will begin an open gym format.  Sundays will be dedicated to strength, skill work, or making up WOD's from the past you may have missed and want to do.  We are starting this now to roll this format into the new space.  We will still be in the gym coaching and helping you work out any "goats" you want to improve.

This is the beginning of an exciting time for CFB.  Demolition is moving forward on the new Box and we couldn't be more eager to get in, break in, and start our new beginning in our new home.  I see big thing in our future.  We have an amazing community and I am so happy to have you all in it.

Gym times are 10 am to 1 pm today.