1. Check your ego at the door.  Leave it at home, in the car or on the curb.  Somewhere there is a high school girl warming up with your PR.

  2. Arrive early/stay late.  Cheer, clap and encourage others.  Your presence is appreciated more than you know.  You are part of an amazing group.  Although you train as an individual we workout as a community.

  3. Put equipment away after use.  Bumpers should be stacked nicely, kettlebells put back neatly, Med balls back on shelves, jump ropes tidy.  Plyo boxes tucked away and bands hung up. Ring straps to be re-velcroed after use.

  4. Introduce yourself to new athletes.  You were new once too and this can be an intimidating place.

  5. Clean your biological off your gear after use, i.e Med balls, ab mats, barbells, kettle bells, pull up bar.  We have all the proper cleaning supplies.  We promise to keep a clean box by cleaning nightly, but biologicals come off equipment a lot easier fresh than dried on.

  6. Chalk is useful but messy.  Please be respectful of the staff, air filters system, and future classes.  When applying chalk, keep hands in or near chalk bucket.

  7. The phrase “I can’t” is not allowed.  By showing up daily you have proven “you can.”  All we ask is you try.  If you have never done it how do you know?  You just might surprise yourself.

  8. If it isn’t made of rubber it doesn’t get dropped from over your head. Barbells with bumper plates can be dropped. Bare barbells are NEVER to be dropped and barbells with steel or technique plates do not get dropped above chest level.

  9. Kettle bells never, ever get dropped higher than waist level

  10. Be honest with the group but more importantly be honest with yourself.  No one cares what score you post.  But everyone cares if you cheat.  Good reps, true numbers, full range of motion, that’s how we get better.  

    Have Fun!