Private training is suited for a wide variety of clients with more specific needs or attention. All of our private training follows the CrossFit methodology and principles to improving overall fitness of our members and clients.


  • High School athletes looking for supplemental training in concert with their sport specific training.
  • People who have been mostly sedentary and require extra time and attention.
  • Women looking to get back in to shape after a pregnancy.
  • Individuals who are recovering from an injury or are ramping up their fitness again
  • People dealing with orthopedic issues or doctor recommendation do improve health.
  • Someone who wants to improve specific skills, i.e Improve running style, Olympic Weightlifting, or Gymnastics.
  • An individual needing to prepare for a competition or race.
  • Elite athletes with specific goals for performance gains, i.e competition training, sport specific goals
  • And much more…

Private training ensures that every workout is paced & programmed just for you. Our training rates vary depending on the trainer you’re working with. Please contact us today for a FREE consultation and to discuss your goals.

Personal Training