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Congratulations Katie and Gary on a beautiful wedding yesterday.  We all at CFB wish you a lifetime of happiness, health and great memories!

For all who participated in 343, Well Done.  I know you all are pretty beat up so use this beautiful weekend to recover as we will be hitting it again hard Monday.  

I want to reiterate my gratitude to everyone with your patience and understanding during the recent power outage.  3 full days without power is a big deal.  I want to provide the best service and facility possible and this setback put a tremendous stress on me and I'm sure on some of you, but you all took a rough situation and made the absolute best out of it. Thank you, thank you.  I also want to extend a HUGE thank you to Dave, Jenny and Beetle.  Dave managed to run 343 Tuesday in the early AM with no power as the generator wasn't operating properly.  He was also crucial in helping me later in the morning run the late am sessions seamlessly.  Jenny managed to run Mobility Wednesday in the dark as the gererator was again acting up.  She took a bad situation in stride and made the best of a rough situation.  Beetle was able to get us all the shop lights, he brought gas to fill the generator and he was a tremendous cheerleader for the late AMers doing 343.  We now have a great story for next year!

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Kettlebell Kitchen- a performance food brand! Meals crafted by classically trained chefs, Kettlebell Kitchen is an easy & convenient way to clean up your nutrition, recover faster, work harder, and have fresh meals delivered right to the gym for FREE. Fuel the hardest working machine you know- your body!

If you placed an order Wednesday they will make their first delivery tomorrow, Monday September 17th (and every Monday & Thursday).

The order cutoffs are:
• Wednesday evening by midnight for Monday delivery • Saturday evening by midnight for Thursday delivery

The complete menu, along with ingredient lists and nutrition facts can be found here:

Ordering instructions and our story can be found here:

Use the discount code "Beverly" at checkout for $25 OFF each of your first 2 orders ($50 OFF TOTAL)!

We are so proud to offer great workouts and great programming here at CFB but the fitness aspect of our training is only a portion of taking care of our bodies, physically, mentally and spiritually.  We all have questions about nutrition. We all know the inherent benefits to having better nutrition, but what do we do? Where do we start? What should we eat?

It can all be pretty overwhelming. And I am by no means a nutrition expert.  So I have a solution that will help all of us simplify and succeed with our nutrition.
We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Stronger U Nutrition to be our exclusive nutrition coaching program for all CFB athletes.
Stronger U is a team of coaches working to help clients reach their individual goals. Each client works 1-on-1 with a coach who is accessible at virtually any time via phone, text, e-mail, or the Stronger U Facebook group (exclusive to members). SUPPORT is the #1 feature of the program, and we feel that Stronger U is the best in the nutrition industry at making sure their clients always have as much support as they need to succeed.
The program was developed after witnessing people working out hard, being active daily, and eating clean, but not seeing the body composition changes that they expected. Stronger U solves these frustrations of their clients by using a coach to take a step back, look at the current state of nutrition with an unbiased eye, and prescribing a fix utilizing daily macronutrient goals (macros for short!).
Your individual numbers are assigned based on numerous factors such as starting weight, weight loss goal, fitness/performance goals, daily activity levels, and much more. Each week, you will report all of your macros, workouts, and hours of sleep back to your coach. This report gives your coach a detailed snapshot of how your week went, and how your coach can properly adjust (or NOT adjust) your numbers based on YOU, the individual.
The reason so many people see such great results with Stronger U comes down to the company’s strategy for clients -- accountability, ease of adherence, and sustainability.

  • Accountability - your coach won’t just assign you numbers and send you on your way. Your coach is ALWAYS there to help you and hold you accountable. At a restaurant and not sure what to get? Text your coach. Worried about a trip coming up? Call your coach and get a strategy. Your coach is always there for YOU.

  • Adherence - No foods are “off” the list for you while you work with Stronger U. As long as you can accurately track what you’re eating and be able to make it work with your prescribed numbers, it is A-OK. This makes those Pizza nights with the kids or holiday parties easy to manage without stress!

  • Sustainability - This program will give you a new outlook on food and help you build a more controlled relationship with food. You’ll learn about how to choose quality foods, possess the ability to treat treats as treats, and be able to maintain levels AFTER you’ve hit your goal weight.

It sounds pretty great, right? We know this is exactly what you’re looking for with your nutrition questions. There are tons of success stories with this program, and we know that all of you can be one of those as well. Check out some of those stories here!
•  Client Transformations
•  Client Reviews
•  Stronger U Story
If you have any more questions or would like more information, feel free to chat with me, or email He will be our exclusive coach for our gym!  Also, I'm sure Mercedes and Meg Wynn will be glad to share their experiences as they have shown tremendous results.  

We will be taking a CFB Field Trip to WhirlyBall in Lombard Saturday October 13.  More details to come but all are invited to a fun eveing of hanging out and playing games.  Once details are solidified we will have a sign up sheet on the front desk.  

Varsity is back in swing meeting Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:00pm.  

We would love to get positive "Athlete Testimonials" to post on the new CFB web page. We want to share our community with the neighborhood and surrounding areas and your testimonials are so important in giving people confidence to come through our doors. If you have some free time and have good things to say about your CFB experience, please jot it down. We would love to share it. Thanks in advance.
PARENTS: Please, please keep an eye on your children if you bring them to the box.   We understand sitting in the lobby is no fun for them, but this is a safety issue. Barbells come down hard from overhead and cannot be stopped even if a child runs out onto the floor. The staff is not responsible for keeping your children in the lobby area and should not have to police them.

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