Happy Fathers Day

Sunday, June 17, 2018

NO CF KIDS TODAY or next Sunday, Father's Day.

Topic:  Posting an "Rx" score to SugarWOD.
To perform a workout "Rx" in any programmed WOD ALL movements of the workout must be completed according to the movement standards. If any movement in the WOD is altered, modified or scaled, your workout post is "Scaled."  This includes the simplest movements such as depth of hips below knees in an air squat.  
We have seen a lot of posts lately where people click "Rx" but then in the notes explain their scaling/modification of the WOD.  If you have to explain, it's probably not Rx.  In the SugarWOD app there is an option for scaled to the right of Rx.  
We use SugarWOD to collect the data of all the workouts.  We want to see if times/scores are falling within our Bell Curve.  We want to see what/who of CFB athletes are scaling or Rxing.  Accurate data allows us to program according to the population's abilities and continue to progress the program. It also let's us as owners and programmers help you achieve goals based on loads and movements. Thanks for understanding.

CrossFit Kids Summer Hours have been scheduled.  
Beginning Tuesday, June 26 and running Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays.
There is no JV today or next Sunday, Father's Day.

July 4th Holiday Hours:
Tuesday, July 3: NO 5pm Boot Camp, No 6 and 7pm!
Wednesday July 4: 8, 9, 10am Heats. WOD is "Glen"
Thursday July 5: NO 5 and 6am.

We are once again offering our Summer College Program for students coming home for the Summer.  $340 provides accerss to CFB from now through Labor Day.  This offer is exclusivly available only to High School Juniors/Seniors and college students home from school for the summer.  Other restrictions apply.

CFB Annual Pool party:
Beetle and Angie’s house August 11, 2:00pm-August 12 early am.  More details to come, but I’d save the date as it’s the best event of the year.
We are going to start a promotion on Facebook.  I would like to ask everyone to give me a single thought titled “What is your Why?”  Why do you CrossFit/Why CrossFit Beverly.  I would love to pull you aside and have you write it on a mini whiteboard for a 10 second video of you holding it up.  We will then stitch all the comments together for a montage to publish.  Any and all help would be appreciated.  We know you all have your reasons/pasions and we would love to share with anyone who will view it.  Thanks

We would love to get positive "Athlete Testimonials" to post on the new CFB web page. We want to share our community with the neighborhood and surrounding areas and your testimonials are so important in giving people confidence to come through our doors. If you have some free time and have good things to say about your CFB experience, please jot it down. We would love to share it. Thanks in advance.
PARENTS: Please, please keep an eye on your children if you bring them to the box.   We understand sitting in the lobby is no fun for them, but this is a safety issue. Barbells come down hard from overhead and cannot be stopped even if a child runs out onto the floor. The staff is not responsible for keeping your children in the lobby area and should not have to police them.