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Happy Birthday, Matt G!!

Parade Day-Box CLOSED


Open Athletes: Please Remember to submit your scores by 7:00 pm tomorrow Monday, March 12

Saturday, March 24 we will once again be an official host for Workout to Wipeout Domestic Violence.  This is CFB's 7th year participating and we are so proud to be a part of this worthy/noble cause. We ask anyone coming into Boot Camp or 18.5 to please bring a $25 donation for A New Direction and Morgan Park Juniors.  

Week 2's Friday Night Lights theme: '80's workout was a blast!  We had many show up in some pretty authentic outfits. All the folks who dressed up have earned a point for their respective teams.  Also, we had many spectators come in and observe our shenanigans. For those who brought in spectators they too have earned a point for their teams.  If any spectators join CFB we will award another 5 points. 

Whoa!!!!  PR, PR, PR!!  We had so many PRs Friday with First Pull-Ups and Saturday with OHS.  If you were one of the many please be sure to let your team captain know so it gets logged in your score.  You will be rewarded with 5 points for your team for your achievement!

There is still time to perform or redo 18.3 Monday.   Open WODs will be programmed every Friday as our daily WOD and replace Team WOD on Saturdays.  If you can't attend Friday Night Lights you can perform it during regular AM sessions.

Open week 4's Intramural theme is "Dress as your Mascot" I can’t wait to see what you all come up with this week.

Team Unicorn Fury Led by Ashley Mizuno and Charlie JGus Knox.

Ed O'Keefe, Carolyn Raleigh, Gee Marie John Metzger,

Kathy,  Bill O'Donnell, Timothy J. Moles, Marianne Coffey, Louis Sandovol,

Kylee Sternquist, Ade Bey, Tim G, Leah Smith, Marcia, and Dottie.

Team Super Sloth Led by Liz Metcalf and Shawn.

Brian Chronister, Victoria Willis, Trent, Erin Garrett  Michael Acevedo,

Meghan Tomasek, Matt Gainer, Allison Krucek, Kelly McGrail,

Jim Sink, Jennifer B, Christine, Brett and Eric Bailey.

Team Fighting Pandas Led by Jenny Navadomskis and Nick

Lisa Days-Martin Brian McArdle, Chuck Hutton, Lynne Panazzo

Jon Mikuzis,  Jocelyn Jones, Pinche Tim Gainer, Mercedes Davila Fehsel,

Maria McMullen, Faarooq Lowe, Julia Panozzo, Andre, Kelsie and Curtis.

Team Angry Turtles Led by Halle Engel and John Mc.

Jaymi Pendleton, Paul Metcalf, Phil Trotter, Kate Walsh

Timothy Bennett, Sarah Reed, Loreen Pappas, Julio Esparza

PJ, Erin Bergin Grandys, Kathryn Semlow, Jill Metcalf, and Malopy


Here is how you can win some swag and earn your team points for bragging rights as the FITTEST ON THE SOUTHSIDE:

Scoring will consist of earning points based on performance.  Points will be awarded to each gender based on the number of participants in both Rx and Scaled.  So Scaled athletes can earn as many points as Rx athletes thus leveling the playing field for those of you who are new to CFB, have an injury which will prohibit Rx movement, or just need to scale simply because of complexity/degree of difficulty of the prescribed movements any given week.  Every team has an opportunity to win no matter what. With the high numbers of participants and team members, the scoring will bounce all over the place thus affording equal opportunity to will the whole shebang!

Apart from straight scoring, we will be offering additional points each week in a range of categories.

  • Anyone who PRs or gets a first in a Weekly WOD will earn 5 points.  
  • If during any week you have a friend come to watch your Open performance you will get 1 point/5 points if your friend signs up for On-Ramp during the Open.
  • If your entire team performs the weekly Open WOD that team will get 10 points
  • If you perform better than last years Open WOD (the repeater) you will earn 5 points
  • Set your calendar for March 31 for the awards banquet to celebrate all the successes and the presentation of the CFB Affiliate Cup.  We will have a BBQ cook-off where recipes will be judged and 10 points will be awarded to the top dish.

Save the Date for the Awards Banquet/BBQ Cookoff.  Friday, March 30, 7 pm -??. This will be the last opportunity to win points for your team by bringing a BBQ dish to be judged.  At the end of judging, we will tabulate final scores and award the CFB Affiliate Cup to the winning team. 

Our friends at Impact Physical Therapy/Chicago Recovery Room are running a CrossFit Games special for their Recovery Room.  Compression boots, compression sleeves, Muscle stimulation, Ice Plunge Bath, Ice/Heat packs, Kineseo Tape application and general tune-up for performance enhancement before WODs.  5 visits $75/10 visits $130 (a savings of $5/$7 per visit) Check them out here or give them a call.


The TV will be set up this Thursday evening to watch the live announcement at the Box.  All are invited and welcome to hang out and watch the Games athletes then perform the workouts.  

Week 4 matchup (March 15):Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson vs. Scott Panchik

Week 5 matchup (March 22): Annie Thorisdottir vs. Sara Sigmundsdottir vs. Katrin Davidsdottir

We have a new protein vendor, Ascent Protein.  On Friday, March 23 Courtney from Ascent will be in the Box for Friday Night Lights making protein shakes and explaining the products.   


We would love to get positive "Athlete Testimonials" to post on the new CFB web page. We want to share our community with the neighborhood and surrounding areas and your testimonials are so important in giving people confidence to come through our doors. If you have some free time and have good things to say about your CFB experience, please jot it down. We would love to share it. Thanks in advance.

PARENTS: Please, please keep an eye on your children if you bring them to the box.   We understand sitting in the lobby is no fun for them, but this is a safety issue. Barbells come down hard from overhead and cannot be stopped even if a child runs out onto the floor. The staff is not responsible for keeping your children in the lobby area and should not have to police them.

Also, please clean up after your children.  The coaches are not babysitters or maids for your kids.  If you bring food/drink for your children please be accountable for it before you leave.  This request is no different than asking you to put away equipment and should not fall on the staff.  We are between two restaurants and we do not want to draw rodents into our space.